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Company Trip 2022 Goes to Thailand

On 30 Sep – 02 Oct, 2022, we are the big family of PT. Sinto Indonesia held a family gathering event in Thailand. We visited 2 cities namely Bangkok and Pattaya, where this event also coincided with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of PT. Sinto Indonesia.  

Company Trip 2017

August, 2017 SID held a family gathering going to Bali Island. The purpose of the family gathering is to maintain sense of unity between members of SID. Bali Island was chosen because it has a very beautiful landscape.  

Ramadan Event

On June 19th, 2017 at dinner time, SID celebrated “ Break Fasting ” ( buka puasa bersama ) a special event to appreciate SID moslem who fasting during a Ramadhan month and also to build togetherness and harmony among SID members.  

Bonen-Kai Event 2016

Closing the 2016, SID create event to celebrate which called Bonen-Kai. Bonen-Kai is mean End Year party and always celebrated every years on December. The event is very delight because every SID members exchange gifts with each others.  

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